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Medical Alert Bag Tags

Customized Medical Alerts: Your safety is our priority. Choose from a range of medical alerts to be prominently displayed on your tag. Whether it's allergies, specific medical conditions, or emergency contacts, our tags help ensure that crucial information is readily available when it matters most.

Introducing our one-of-a-kind Customizable Acrylic Decal for Infinity Feeding Pumps – the perfect blend of functionality and personal style for your medical equipment! Say goodbye to the clinical look and embrace a touch of individuality with our unique decals.

Badge Buddy

Our Badge Buddies are not just practical; they're a fashion statement! Choose from a variety of vinyl patterns to match your personal style and make a lasting impression at the workplace.

Uniquec Pump Decals

A great way to express yourself and take medical equipment for drab to Superfun and Fab

Christmas Decals

Don't Just Deck the Halls this Holiday Season, add some festive decoration to your Kangaroo or Infinity pump

A Decal for Every Personality

Tons of designs to choose from and if what you want
is not shown, contact us and we'll do a custom one for you!

Uniquec Tubie Tapes

For those using medical tapes to secure feeding tubes, oxygen tubes, IV lines and other medical tape needs, Uniquec’s Tube Tapes give us a sense of fun and make these medical tapes less “medical”. 

Printed on Hepafix adhesive tape right here in my shop!


Having to use Continuos Glucose Monitors is no longer medical drab. Our CGM patches and stickers take your diabetes devices from medical drab to fun and fab.
Available for Dexcom, Freestyle Libre and Omnipod there is sure to be something for everyone.


Uniquec Medical Alert Cards give quick and immediate access to important medical information you or your loved ones need in the event of an emergency. These credit card sized cards fit in wallet, luggage tags and cell phone holders. Uniquec Medical Cards are 100% customizable to your needs, ensuring the information you need known is easy accessed.


Uniquec Medical Seat Belt Covers provide peace of mind in case of emergency. Choose from our pre-made designs, or customize for your individual needs. 

Uniquec Patterned Seat Belt Covers add some fun and comfort. Whether you personalize with your name, or keep it classic and simple we have something to take the drab and make it fab.

The Dragonfly Keepsake Collection

“Having flown the earth for 300 million years, dragonflies symbolize our ability to overcome times of hardship. They can remind us to take time to reconnect with our own strength, courage and happiness.”

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